Everyday Salad Meal Planning

How can one eat mostly salad, but not hate life? We hope to share with you our salad making strategies in this post. Our daily salads are delicious vehicles for various yummy fats. We eat these salads almost twice a day and don’t eat a whole lot more.

We construct three to five salads at a time, a couple for the evening meal, and some to go in the hopper for future meals. Any more than that and they wouldn’t stay fresh or they’d fill up our fridge. Meal preppers can get way out of control prepping dozens of meals, that’s not us.

As far as leafy greens: spring mix, romaine, red and white cabbage (we save the kale for special occasions). Cucumbers, scallions, red onions and cherry tomatoes round out the veg. Top it off with some hard-boiled eggs (pickled if you are brave), Avocado and fetta also in almost every salad.

Mixing up the proteins is how to keep life interesting. Last night’s extras go into today’s lunch. burgers, steak, fish, scallops, steak, chicken, etc. If you don’t have any of that available drop in some lunchmeat, salami, or uncured summer sausage.
Here is the lunch I had today… so good:

If you’ve saved them, drop some roasted eggplant, herbed riced cauliflower to complete the solid ingredients.

When it comes to dressing, we need to be very careful about reading labels. Some of what once was once our favorite dressings have undesirable sugar, carbs and soybean oil in them. Quickly mixing up our own dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, salt, and pepper is a good alternative.

Our salads have a lot of components, but these are made practical by producing them in volume. Sometimes we might not have a salad in the hopper, in that case a take-out salad from the supermarket or restaurant may suffice, but usually these need to be augmented with additional egg + avocado to really satiate us.

We do not want for bread and carbby garbage foods when we get to eat like this every day. These salads leave us satisfied, energized and healthy.

What salad making tactics do you employee?

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